Legal Assistance for Family & Medical Leave in New Jersey

Family and Medical Leave Act DocumentIn New Jersey, there are federal and state laws designed to provide employees with temporary job security when they need it most—because of their medical condition, their need to care for a new child, or their wish to attend to a family member with a serious medical problem. The Law Offices of Beth C. Rogers is here to help you better understand family and medical leave in New Jersey and ensure that you receive all of the time off (and any other benefits) that you are legally entitled to receive under these laws.

About NJFLA & FMLA Laws

The Family Medical Leave Act ("FMLA") and the New Jersey Family Leave Act ("NJFLA") are complex laws that can be easily mishandled leaving an employee to make the impossible choice between caring for their family member's (or their own) medical condition or having a job (and the needed benefits of that job).  Nobody should have to make that choice.  If used correctly, these laws may be able to provide New Jersey employees with needed time off from work without fear of being terminated.  For more information on these laws, see Equal Employment Opportunity Commission   and State of New Jersey Department of Law & Public Safety Division on Civil Rights.

We have extensive experience fighting for family leave claims that allowed our clients to have the time to care for their family members when it mattered most. If you are in need of leave from your job due to your own or a close family member's medical condition, or if your employer has denied your request and/or retaliated against you for making the request, Contact us for a free and confidential analysis of your individual situation.