Severance and Contract Review

Two People Going Over a ContractAt the Law Offices of Beth C. Rogers, we have negotiated hundreds of severance agreements, executive agreements, bonus awards, and other employment contracts on behalf of individual employees from many different industries from throughout the Garden State. Often severance and other types of employment agreements are written to the employer’s advantage, not the employee.

Employees who choose to sign these agreements without fully understanding all their options may not be aware of the legal rights they are giving up and the obligations that they may have in the future as a result of signing the agreement.

For example, employment and severance agreements may include terms that are restrictive covenants, such as a non-solicitation clause, confidentiality clause, no-complete clause, non-disparagement clause, and other terms and conditions that can significantly restrict the employee’s ability to obtain new employment.  Often terms and conditions in these agreements can be negotiated and improved for the employee.

It is important for an employee to fully understand all of their options before signing any employment or severance agreement. If your employer has asked you to sign any type of contract, Contact us.  We will review the specific terms and conditions of your agreement before you sign.